A fair deal for Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and the Humber Liberal Democrats have launched a new campaign calling for a ‘Fair Deal for Yorkshire’. The party is fully behind moves that would see powers devolved from London to Yorkshire.

We are calling for the establishment of a new proportionally elected devolved regional authority to make use of these powers.

Councillor Hannah Kitching, Leader of Barnsley Lib Dems said:

“Our region is falling behind other parts of the UK. London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands all have a devolution deal with the Conservative Government that delivers billions of pounds in funding and greater powers. This is being used to grow their local economy, build infrastructure and boost jobs.”

“It’s time we had a fair deal for Yorkshire funding too. We want decisions that affect Yorkshire to be made in Yorkshire. It is time the Government stepped up and agree a devolution deal to unlock Yorkshire’s full Potential.”

Kamran Hussain Chair of the Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats said: “The metro mayor model of devolution is broken, you can’t have one person in charge of such a large area. Devolution is about giving power to the people, not one person.”

“Yorkshire in terms of population and GDP is equivalent to Scotland. We need to establish a new democratic body that has far wider powers than what is on the table with any of the current devolution deals”.

Under the radical devolution proposed by the Liberal Democrats people across the region would vote for representatives who would sit on a Yorkshire wide regional authority. This means that different political parties and viewpoints would all have a democratic voice.

This new body would replace Police and Crime Commissioners cutting down on bureaucracy, whilst taking on powers that Whitehall and London currently have.