Stewart Golton

We can’t afford to end up with a Mayor that makes excuses for the poor performance of their mates in charge of Parliament or local Town Halls. We need a strong champion that will push for real devolution for West Yorkshire, and give power back to communities.

Stewart_Golton.jpgCommitted - a Born & bred Yorkshire man, Stewart has served the community as a local councillor for 23 years.

Experienced - a current Opposition Member of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Stewart brings experience from a background in tourism, energy supply and aviation.

Fair - Stewart wants every community to benefit from better transport links, new green jobs and affordable housing, not just a few favoured areas.

Giving you a say on Deputy Mayor - If I elected I will appoint the Deputy Mayor in charge of Police and Crime. I believe it’s important to tell you who I would appoint. Javed Bashir will be my Deputy.



Javed is a committed Liberal Democrat campaigner, born in Elland and firmly rooted in Yorkshire. He is frustrated by the lack of progress, too many decisions are made at arms length from the residents who are expected just to accept them. Token consultations, endless plans and strategies that make no difference. West Yorkshire deserves better than this.


Three things to remember.

Community Values - Covid has shown us our local communities need more investment to help deliver a new more home-based, lower-carbon economy. Stewart will have a plan for every high street and will deliver the training & skills needed for new green jobs in construction, energy, farming & forestry.

Fairer Transport - Local bus & rail services have become less reliable, more expensive and overcrowded while ever more attention and money gets piled into HS2 by other parties. Stewart wants a better deal for passengers, and Transpennine investment now!

Safer Streets - Let’s keep as many young people as possible from our region from being sucked into criminality in the first place. Stewart will rebuild community policing, and tackle adult neighbourhood anti-social behaviour to nurture supportive homes within a safe community environment.