Regional Awards 2018

In 2018 the Regional Executive will be asking for nominations for two new awards, the Outstanding Councillor of the Year Award and the Campaign of the Year Award. Nominations are now open and we are asking you and your local party to think about individuals you may wish to nominate. We are also seeking nominations for the two existing awards, the Penhaligon Award and the President’s Award. 

You can find out more information about these awards and submit your nominations below. All nominees must be Liberal Democrat party members and if elected, must have been elected as a Liberal Democrat. Nominations close at midnight on the 6th October... so get nominating! 

The Penhaligon Award 2018

Background and purpose
David Penhaligon became MP for Truro when he overturned a 23,000 Tory majority in 1974. From 1983 Penhaligon headed the Liberal by-election unit which planned the campaigns in individual seats. He was appointed as Chief spokesman on the economy in 1985 and served as Party President from 1985 to 1986. At 6.45am on 22 December 1986, he was travelling to a post office to meet workers there when a van skidded on an icy road and hit his car. Penhaligon was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 42 years old.

David Penhaligon showed the LibDems that success was built on increased membership numbers and activity. Yorkshire and the Humber Liberal Democrats remember Penhaligon's ability to recruit and enthuse members and try to encourage this essential activity through their Penhaligon Award.

This is a trophy, presented annually at the Region’s Conference, given to the Local Party which can demonstrate an increase in party membership together with inspiring activities to retain, develop and involve members and activists. 

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The Presidents Award 2018 

Background and purpose
This award is present annually at the Regional conference recognises the work of members who are not currently elected to public office whose contribution and service to the Regional Party is considered to be out-standing. Members cannot self-nominate for this award.

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Outstanding Councillor of the Year Award

Background and purpose
Elected Councillors are the backbone of the Liberal Democrats however too often their work as a Councillor is unrecognised. This award is to recognise a member of Yorkshire and Humber for their work as an elected member of a Council (Town, Parish, Community, District or County) or any other authority to which they have been appointed to from their Council in the region. When making the award the judges will consider how others were involved and how different views were facilitated.  Councillors cannot self-nominate for this award. 


This award is sponsored by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners. 

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Outstanding Campaign of Year Award

Background and Purpose
This award is to recognise the work of a Campaign Team. The Campaign must have led to a positive change for a community and can include as part of that positive change the election of more Liberal Democrats it can equally be about a positive change for an area or community. Campaign Teams can nominate themselves for this award. 

This award is sponsored by Election Workshop, Manchester. 

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