Petition launched to sack Northern Rail

Calderdale Liberal Democrats have launched a petition to demand better transport investment in our Railway and to sack Northern Rail.


Councillor James Baker said: "As someone who commutes for work myself I am all too aware of the frustration that is felt when at the end of a long day at work when you just want to get home you are faced with a cancelled train service."

"Turning up to the station to find their train has been cancelled has sadly become a far too familiar experience for people in Calderdale"

"Services across the North of England suffer with outdated trains, lines that haven’t been electrified and poorly run services."

"The Calderdale line has seen hundreds of cancellations and delays, making the lives of commuters who travel to places such as Leeds or Manchester a misery."

"It is a testament to a lopsided view of rail investment by successive governments: Pour it into London and the South-East, and deliver a trickle elsewhere."  

The petition calls for:

  • Northern to give up the line so that a company which is capable of providing a reliable service can take over.
  • Fair investment in Rail for the North of England.
  • The electrification of the Calderdale Line.

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