Part Two of our Plan for the Future

The Liberal Democrats will treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health.

The NHS is the envy of the world, but our mental health service is not. Waiting times are being missed, people are not being referred for the treatment they need, and often action is taken only when at ‘crisis’ point, or too late.

That's why the Liberal Democrats are dedicated to transforming mental health services by treating them with the same urgency as physical health. 

"We want to break down the barriers of stigma and shame, which leave those suffering, alienated and isolated, and we want to make the UK a world leader in keeping our nation well with our push for greater emphasis on wellbeing.”

As part of our Plan for the Future, a Liberal Democrat government will invest £11 billion into mental health services such as:

  • child and adolescent mental health,
  • matching waiting time standards to those in physical health,
  • and expanding our mental health workforce

Approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. For too many, treatment is a postcode lottery; with waiting times for psychological therapy varying from 16 days in Waltham Forest, to 176 days in Leicester.

Making mental health services accessible to all is fundamental, and no one should be forced to travel unreasonable distances away from home. By prioritising young people coming out of care, and supporting students from school through to colleges and universities, it is possible to ensure that no one will have to travel out of area for all but the most specialist mental health services.

By putting a penny in the pound on income tax and ringfencing £11 billion in funding for mental health, the Liberal Democrats will provide real parity between mental and physical health care. We want to make prescriptions for people with chronic mental health conditions available for free on the NHS, as is the case for conditions such as cancer and diabetes. 

Brexit, either carried out by the Conservative or Labour Party, will put the NHS at risk. Our commitment will ensure it is kept safe and out of the hands of Donald Trump. 

The Liberal Democrats' Plan for the Future aims to build a brighter future for our country. Learn more here.

The Tories’ plan for a shameful Nurse Tax

Hard-working doctors and nurses from the EU are fundamental to the NHS. We all have loved ones whose lives have been saved through their skill and dedication.

But today, the full extent of the Tories’ contempt for our dedicated doctors and nurses was revealed. 

Even though the NHS is critically understaffed, the Tories have revealed that part of their nightmarish Brexit plan is to charge EU nurses and doctors £464 to come to the UK to save lives.

If this isn’t bad enough, the Tories also want EU workers to pay what they euphemistically call a ‘health immigration surcharge’. 

What does this actually mean?

It’s a £400-a-year tax they will charge all EU workers - including NHS nurses and doctors - to access basic health services.

And if hard-working, low-paid NHS staff can’t afford the Nurse Tax, the Tories will take it out of their wages.

To recap:

  1. The NHS is critically under-funded and under-staffed due to chronic under-investment by the Tories.
  2. In response, the Tories want to charge the EU nurses and doctors to come to the UK, then make them pay a huge tax to access the same services they deliver.

We cannot let this happen.

The Tories' plans couldn’t be further from the fair and welcoming society that the Liberal Democrats are fighting to build.

On Day 1 of a Liberal Democrat government, we will stop Brexit and use the funds from the £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in the critical frontline services the NHS desperately needs.

Our hard-working nurses and doctors should be celebrated, not charged to save lives. And what kind of government would charge sick nurses to use the same hospitals they work in round the clock?

We must stop the Nurse Tax. To do so, help us to stop Brexit and build a better future. 

Part One of our Plan for the Future


At our general election campaign launch, leader Jo Swinson has declared that a Liberal Democrat government will Stop Brexit and use the £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in public services and tackle inequality. 

This £50 billion injection to the areas that need it most can only be delivered by a Lib Dem government - we are the only party standing up to stop Brexit. 

With Jo Swinson as Prime Minister, we will reverse the drastic cuts to public services that the Conservative government have made and continue to lead from within the EU.

"Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, build a brighter future and invest the £50bn Remain bonus in our vital public services."

Boris Johnson and the Conservative party have caused a national crisis with Brexit; he has lied to the Queen, he’s lied to Parliament and he's lied to the country to push his bad Brexit deal. Together, we can stop him, stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

Brexit to blame for 'anaemic' economic growth

Responding to the UK's GDP growth figures, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader, Ed Davey said:

"Today’s growth figures are anything but a cause for celebration. Over the last year, Britain's growth has slowed to its lowest rate in almost a decade - a disastrous performance by the Conservatives, whose main economic policy of Brexit is a promise of yet more slow growth.

"The economy under the Tories is anaemic.

"Brexit has already cost us at least £55 billion in lost growth and will keep us underperforming for years. Just last week the credit rating agency Moody’s downgraded the UK’s economic outlook. And the Bank of England said growth will be a whole 1% lower in the coming years.

"On the other hand, the extra growth from remaining in the EU would generate a Remain Bonus of over £50 billion. The Liberal Democrats will use that money for a huge cash boost to our schools and to tackle inequality, building a brighter future for the UK."

Stop Brexit - Vote Liberal Democrat - European Elections 2019

Polls are open now.

If you want to stop this Brexit mess, vote for the biggest, strongest party of Remain: the Liberal Democrats.

Stop Brexit Vote Lib Dem

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Climate Change, the Lib Dems and the European elections

Actions to tackle the climate change crisis and strengthen democratic participation are at the forefront of the Liberal Democrats’ European Election manifesto.

The manifesto sets out the party’s vision for the UK within the EU and our commitment to stopping Brexit. It calls for the EU to adopt a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050 and an emergency £7.5 billion support fund to help those affected by Brexit uncertainty.

It also calls for strengthening our democracy by giving EU citizens living in the UK the right to stand and vote in elections. For the Yorkshire and Humber region, the proposals would:

  • Protect the region’s main export market: the European Union
  • Protect research funding for our excellent universities and maintain freedom of movement across the EU for UK students
  • Protect our public services staffed by EU nationals

Lead Liberal Democrat candidate for Yorkshire & the Humber region Shaffaq Mohammed said:

“Brexit is a national embarrassment. Both Labour and the Conservatives have failed to find a way forward. Every Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats, with more than 100,000 members and 2500 councillors across the country is the strongest remain voice going into the European elections.”  


Cooperation with the UK’s European partners is nowhere more crucial than  in tackling the climate emergency

The party’s policies on the environment include a comprehensive set of commitments including:

  • Zero Carbon Britain by 2045 and zero Carbon EU by 2050
  • Extend the emissions trading scheme to include aviation
  • Higher standards and investment in energy efficiency
  • Campaign for an EU wide ban on fracking
  • Paris style agreement to save global biodiversity
  • More ambitious targets for reducing waste

Rosina Robson, no.2 on the Liberal Democrats candidate list said:

“The Liberal Democrat manifesto sets our vision for the UK in a dynamic, sustainable and reformed EU in the future. Our membership of the European Union is the best way to tackle cross border issues such as climate change and security.”

Lib Dem Lords force action on empty houses

Leading Liberal Democrats from the region have claimed victory as the Conservative government has bowed to pressure to take decisive action on empty houses by giving new tax powers to local councils. 

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Petition launched to sack Northern Rail

Calderdale Liberal Democrats have launched a petition to demand better transport investment in our Railway and to sack Northern Rail.

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Campaigning trio united for Lindley

Gemma Wilson, Cllr for Lindley, last week joined the Liberal Democrats in Kirklees. Gemma a Councillor for Lindley since 2015 has campaigned over the past three years for local residents in support of HRI, to save Grimescar valley from development as well as tackling casework for local residents.

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Lord Dick Newby's Richard Wainwright Lecture

Lord Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and good friend of the man himself gave the Richard Wainwright lecture at the Regional Conference in Ossett.

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Kirklees Lib Dems fighting to keep A&E at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Liberal Democrats in Kirklees have been campaigning for many years to keep all our vital services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and will continue to do so.

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Leeds Lib Dems disappointed by continued HS2 delay

Councillor Stewart Golton (Lib Dem, Rothwell) has condemned a further delaying of the confirmation of the HS2 route decision, leaving residents in Woodlesford uncertain about the future. 

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Sheffield Lib Dems welcome Meadowhall expansion

The Sheffield Liberal Democrats have welcomed the new Meadowhall expansion and called on the Labour Council to support the proposals.

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Oulton, Leeds set to grow by 50%

The Electoral Commission has estimated that over the next six years, our area will have over 2000 extra voters, and nearly half of them will be living in Oulton.

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Grimsby Town FC stadium plans

Local Lib Dems, Councillor Steve Beasant and Kay Rudd, are opposing the Labour Council's decision to shortlist Freeman Street as a site for a new football ground.

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Best deal for Horsforth is a rail link

Local Lib Dems are opposing a road to the Airport through our Green Belt.  Building a trainline which would link Horsforth and the Ilkley Line would be a much better use of money.

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