Climate Change, the Lib Dems and the European elections

Actions to tackle the climate change crisis and strengthen democratic participation are at the forefront of the Liberal Democrats’ European Election manifesto.

The manifesto sets out the party’s vision for the UK within the EU and our commitment to stopping Brexit. It calls for the EU to adopt a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050 and an emergency £7.5 billion support fund to help those affected by Brexit uncertainty.

It also calls for strengthening our democracy by giving EU citizens living in the UK the right to stand and vote in elections. For the Yorkshire and Humber region, the proposals would:

  • Protect the region’s main export market: the European Union
  • Protect research funding for our excellent universities and maintain freedom of movement across the EU for UK students
  • Protect our public services staffed by EU nationals

Lead Liberal Democrat candidate for Yorkshire & the Humber region Shaffaq Mohammed said:

“Brexit is a national embarrassment. Both Labour and the Conservatives have failed to find a way forward. Every Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats, with more than 100,000 members and 2500 councillors across the country is the strongest remain voice going into the European elections.”  


Cooperation with the UK’s European partners is nowhere more crucial than  in tackling the climate emergency

The party’s policies on the environment include a comprehensive set of commitments including:

  • Zero Carbon Britain by 2045 and zero Carbon EU by 2050
  • Extend the emissions trading scheme to include aviation
  • Higher standards and investment in energy efficiency
  • Campaign for an EU wide ban on fracking
  • Paris style agreement to save global biodiversity
  • More ambitious targets for reducing waste

Rosina Robson, no.2 on the Liberal Democrats candidate list said:

“The Liberal Democrat manifesto sets our vision for the UK in a dynamic, sustainable and reformed EU in the future. Our membership of the European Union is the best way to tackle cross border issues such as climate change and security.”

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