Cracking down on burglaries

In Bradford, the Lib Dem team work with West Yorkshire Police and the Council to make sure local homes are protected to help prevent burglaries across the city.

Cracking down on burglaries in Bradford

There have been a number of break ins and attempted break ins in Bradford since the end of October. The local Lib Dem Team have questioned the Police on what is being done to tackle this.

"We have been told that arrests have been made and that the number of burglaries in Bradford is decreasing. This is really positive but there are still some simple things homeowners can do to protect their homes.” Said Tracey Leeming.

Councillors, supported by Bradford Council and the Police will be hosting a Roadshow early in the New Year where residents will be able to talk to Police Officer and Council staff about the best ways to protect their homes.

Cllr Rachel Sunderland said, "residents have told us that they are worried about crime and do not feel protected. We want to make sure that local people have the opportunity to question Police and Council staff and to find out enough information on ways to make their homes safer.”

Bradford Lib Dems

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