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We can’t afford to end up with a Mayor that makes excuses for the poor performance of their mates in charge of Parliament or local Town Halls. Only a Liberal Democrat Mayor can take on Conservatives in Government, and Labour town hall bosses alike to deliver better outcomes for the people of West Yorkshire.

 About Stewart Golton 

Committed - a Born & bred Yorkshireman, Stewart has served the community as a local councillor for 23 years.

Experienced - a current Opposition Member of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Stewart brings experience from a background in tourism, energy supply and aviation.

Fair - Stewart wants every community to benefit from better transport links, new green jobs and affordable housing, not just a few favoured areas.


Three things to remember

Community Values - Covid has showed us our local communities need more investment to help deliver a new more home-based, lower-carbon economy. Stewart will have a plan for every highstreet, and will deliver the training & skills needed for new green jobs in construction, energy, farming & forestry.

Fairer Transport - Local bus & rail services have become less reliable, more expensive and overcrowded while ever more attention and money gets piled into HS2 by other parties. Stewart wants a better deal for passengers, and Transpennine investment now!

Safer Streets - Let’s keep as many young people as possible from our region from being sucked into criminality in the first place. Stewart will rebuild community policing, and tackle adult neighbourhood anti-social behaviour to nurture supportive homes within a safe community environment.

Giving you a vote on Deputy Mayor - The West Yorkshire Mayor will appoint a Deputy for Police & Crime. Stewart Golton said “I think it’s important voters should have a say on such an important role before Election Day. Javed Bashir will be my Deputy. Other candidates have chosen not to be so open.

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