Stunning Lib Dem victory in Labour heartland

Adam Carter, the Lib Dems candidate for Brinsworth and Catcliffe took the seat from Jeremy Corbyn's party and won almost four times as many votes as Labour, thanks to everyone's hard work on the campaign! Read more

Oulton, Leeds set to grow by 50%

The Electoral Commission has estimated that over the next six years, our area will have over 2000 extra voters, and nearly half of them will be living in Oulton.

Oulton, Leeds set to grow by 50%

Their forecast is based on information provided by the Labour-run council about where they plan housing to be built.

Focus Editor Carmel Harrison says:

"This is a huge change over a short period for our area. Oulton will grow by 50%, and this will have a knock on effect for Woodlesford. We would lose our local character, and the impact on local roads and facilities would be appalling. The work of the Oulton & Woodlesford Neighbourhood Forum has been made much harder due to the unfairly high house building targets for our area."

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